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The resources available to frontline health clinics are extremely limited. By agreeing to sponsor a clinic close to our project sites you will be greatly assisting to improve the standard of healthcare that the clinics can provide and building support for our conservation efforts within local communities. Your funds will ensure that the clinic buildings are a safe environment for those in need, and will provide resources such as medical equipment to enhance the effectiveness of the clinics' work in the community.

In return you will be provided a log-in to our online system to access updates from the clinics with stories of hope as your funds are put to work.

Here are some details of the clinic we are currently supporting. More locations will be added as our funding increases.

Mkoba 4 – Gweru, Zimbabwe is estimated to cater for over 90,000 people. Its maternity ward sees an average of 125 births per month, yet has only two delivery beds. Understaffed and poorly resourced in all areas, your sponsorship can make a real difference to the clinic by enabling the continued provision of free healthcare to an impoverished population dependent on its facilities. For more details of how ALERT is working to support this project, click here.


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