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Education, in all its forms, is the cornerstone for the success of all ALERT’s programmes.


"In the end, we conserve only what we love.  We will love only what we understand.  We will understand only what we are taught."  Baba Dioum

Education not only enables us to appreciate the need to conserve our natural resources, and reduces reliance on those resources, but also helps us to understand how to meet these challenges, and to take advantage of the benefits generated by conservation efforts.

Our education programme aims to empower communities through either support of the formal education sector through School Development Projects, or to compliment formal education through our ALERT Education Centres.

School Development Projects

Our aim is to increase the capacity of the schools with which we work to offer higher learning possibilities for their pupils.  All the schools surrounding our project sites are severely resource limited with classes that are over-crowded and lacking educational materials.  Our projects therefore focus on:

- School building and refurbishment to create improved learning environments;

- Resource provision of educational materials needed to enhance lessons;

- Teacher assistance to help teachers plan and run lessons more effectively.

All programmes are operated in agreement with the school in question, and with approval from relevant educational boards.

ALERT Education Centres

Our aim is to complement the formal education sector by assisting vulnerable students with access to education, offering extra-curricular activities that enhance student learning, and providing fully funded internship and facilitated research placements.

Current programmes at our ALERT Education Centres in Livingstone (Zambia), and in Victoria Falls and Antelope Park (Zimbabwe) include:

- classes in conservation education, basic life skills, and English literacy.

- providing funding to pay the fees of vulnerable students to take part in education from pre-school to university level, and;

- fully funded internship and facilitated research placements for university level students to gain work experience in a variety of fields, and undertake data collection for their theses.

Future programmes will incorporate classes in numeracy, health & nutrition, sport and business studies/entrepreneurship, as well as a variety of vocational training programmes.  



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Emma Cox
Emma Cox
GBP 55  Contribution
Meltham, United Kingdom

Rajesh Dasi
Rajesh Dasi
GBP 200  Contribution
Manchester, United Kingdom

I would like to donate £200 to the the Girl Empowerment project at Victoria Falls managed by Evi

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