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Neither humans, nor lions, can survive in isolation; both are reliant on functional ecosystems


ALERT recognizes that biodiversity and human well-being are intrinsically linked.  As such, we seek to engage in activities that conserve all of Africa’s wild species, and the ecosystems within which they live, and on which we rely.  

Biodiversity contributes to essential aspects of our daily lives; food and energy provision, security, and clean water, as well as providing for recreational and cultural activities.  Biodiversity provides resistance to natural disasters and the spread of zoonotic diseases, and may be the source of as yet undiscovered foods and medicines.




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Lisa Capaccioli
Lisa Capaccioli
GBP 38  Contribution
Plainfield, United States

Ken Mylne
Ken Mylne
GBP 200  Contribution
Sidmouth , United Kingdom

Money raised by Helen Mylne talk on year with ALERT. Please use to support work in Livingstone.

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