Ensuring a lion population for future generations

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Support our efforts to ensure viable populations of lions are maintained as an integral part of functional ecosystems. These animals are capable of shaping the environment as the apex predator of the savannah, and deserve to continue to do so for generations to come. Support a globally-recognized cultural icon, and continue to harness the essence of your inner lion.

North Andover , United States
North Andover , United States

ALERT engages in and supports projects to: protect and restore habitat for lions, assess and monitor population size and health, mitigate the conflict between lions and communities, improve our understanding of lion ecology and behaviour, assist wildlife authorities to develop and implement appropriate policies to conserve lions, and reintroduce lions of captive origin into the wild. 


According to the IUCN lion populations have declined 43% in the last 21 years (1993 - 2004), with less than 20,000 remaining.

If we act now we can ensure the survival of this iconic species.

Neither lions, nor humans, can survive in isolation; both are reliant on functional ecosystems. As such, we seek to engage in activities that conserve all of Africa’s wild species, as well as the ecosystems within which they live and on which we rely.

ALERT collaborates with communities and policy makers, with non-governmental organizations, researchers and business leaders, to implement locally conceived and relevant solutions that aim to create sustainable motivation in these stakeholder groups to conserve lions.

ALERT also works with communities to meet the challenges of living alongside a dangerous predator, whilst conducting research to improve our understanding of the lion’s behaviour in Africa’s ecosystems to better inform decision making.

ALERT is successfully operating pilot programs of our ‘responsible development’ approach in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Other countries have expressed interest in ALERT assisting them to conserve lions, and we expect our approach to expand across the continent until we have achieved real protection of the African lion that ensures their survival.

Why do we need lions?

The loss of lions has a negative effect on Africa’s fragile ecosystems. Lions play an important role in the food chain, helping to regulate numbers of the more dominant herbivore species, such as zebra and buffalo. Without lions to control them, these species can out-compete other animals, causing their extinction and reducing biodiversity.

Tourism is also a major boost to African economies and lions continue to be the biggest attraction. Many of Africa’s most needy communities rely on the money brought in by tourists and would suffer if lions were no longer part of the safari experience for visitors.

And don’t forget, the African lion is an important symbol. It is an icon; not only to those in Africa, but all around the world. Countless companies and organisations are proud to associate themselves with an animal that is said to be the ‘King of Beasts’.

Imagine a world in which the African lion exists only in stories, pictures, statues and company logos. We cannot be the generation that allows this to happen when there are real solutions available to prevent it.



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Alexander Cloonan
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North Andover , United States

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